Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Myopic Musings

What's with so many people?
...Every time I walk around it never fails to happen
...someone will either exit from their car or from a business and just dart right out into the middle of the sidewalk without looking and almost run into me or cut me off---and will STILL be unaware of my presence or of anything else around them
...like "nothing else exists"---it's "just them".  Everything else is "just a figment of their imagination"
...until they crash into something I guess
"God-damn, that fuckin' HURT!"
...Yes, that's a brick-and-stone wall, my friend...Yes, my friend, those light poles and sign posts are not exactly made of rubber...Wow! Like, who's responsible for putting BENCHES right by the curb where one's liable to just walk right into one of them while exiting from their car?...My God, someone should have warned you that sidewalks are known for having the occasional pedestrian or bicyclist moving around on them. Of course it's their fault if you get hurt---they need to develop their psychic abilities a little more so that they can tell when someone's about to dart out the door...

At what age do people start acting "middle age"?
To where they get to the point where they're always commenting on the "younger people"?
To where they're so "experienced in life" they have to qualms about assuming a kind of secondary authority over anyone more than 15 years younger than they are?

Of course when I was young myself (as a kid, as a teenager, and in my 20s) I entertained a lot of the common stereotypes of "older people", pretty much the same way people in that age range have always done and still do.

But now, at the age of 57, it feels weird to still be seeing people still going through the pantomimes of "age-appropriate" behaviors and gestures, and talking with all the "age-appropriate" terminology and rambling off all the cliche culturally jihadist rhetoric about the shortcomings and attitudes of "today's generation".

...when overhearing the loud conversations of a group of "old bitty" type middle-aged women, the realization that I, myself, am probably a good ten years or so OLDER than these bitchy "old bags" never fails to astound me.
Just think...a couple decades earlier some of these "older hags" were probably the classroom "femme fatales"---the girls in the class every boy "falls in love" with and develops an insatiable crush on...the "unattainable" pretty/beautiful "perfect face and body" ones who "would never go for a guy like you". 
Or, maybe, at least the kind of girls any of their nerdy male classmates would routinely jack-off over at home, fantasizing about all the perverted things they wish they could do to them if only there was some way they could get away with it.

So-o-o-o-o...all you adolescents and "twenty-somethings" out there, be advised:
Next time you see an older adult, remember:  This is your future and the future of your generational peers
...assuming you live long enough...

At the CHINA BUFFET restaurant:
"To the two ladies who've been literally 'shouting out' all their personal business for the whole world to hear...
this place is 'all-you-can-eat', not 'all-you-can-say'"

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