Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Waffle House's been a long time since I've been to one of those.

Years ago, when I used to travel around the country, Waffle House restaurants were one among many that I used to frequent---even if it was just for coffee and an egg sandwich.
But it's been almost 17 years since my days of "wandering around aimlessly all over"
...and, likewise, since I've been in a Waffle House.

But, lo-and-behold, just recently they've opened one up a mile down the street
...within walking distance (try not to get hit by any of the maniac motorists and sidewalk hogging "bicycle racers" when I venture out).

I'll have to check it out sometime soon...
I wonder:  
Do they still have the same menu they had years back?
What are their prices like these days...are they as outrageous and unaffordable as every other restaurant seems to be these days?
And, most important:  Do they still have pecan waffles on their menu?

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