Sunday, June 3, 2012

The U.S.A.---Suffering from "lack-of-motivation"

Maybe someone should "stimulate" it...oops! I forgot...someone already DID.

Yes---the "Stimulus" package of 2009, right.

Whatever became of it?
Wasn't it supposed to be "an investment in the recovery/improvement of the country"?

Actually I was all for the idea (and STILL think, conceptually, it's theoretically sound) provided the president and congress carried it out wisely:
that is, before enacting the proposals all those-in-charge would've consulted various legal experts so as to figure out how to word the projected proposals in such a way so as to prevent fraud and misappropriation
...that is, to include stipulations and regulations which resolutely state the specific purposes for each designated percentage of the overall amount---with "no exceptions" as to how said designated stimulus fragment is to be used.
With severe penalties for those found guilty (in federal court most likely) of engaging in any kind of misappropriations of these said designated funds in violation of said stipulations and regulations.

That would have been the most logical and practical route to take with that proposal.

...that they didn't go that route is pretty obvious as we have record unemployment and government projects on both the state and federal levels are still "shutting down" due to lack-of-funds.

Had Obama's grand scheme been properly legally-and-contractually appropriated it could have actually worked and been a boon to at least the physical health of this country (the "social climate" is another story altogether) it is, it turned out to be little more than a charade and just another bureaucratic crux
---and a shameless pandering to the most idealistic among the general public.

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