Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Drunk Drivers---Repeat Offenders

You've read all the stories before, I'm sure:  " of 3 on their way home from an outing die after their car was broadsided by drunk driver..." with the sub-headline: "...had 4 prior convictions for DUI(/DWI)" and you read on: "...was driving with suspended license...permanently revoked three years ago..."

Now I have a few questions:
How do these people always manage to afford to keep replacing their vehicles after constantly wrapping them around telephone poles, parked cars, or even someone's front porch?
Or, if they get nailed before they have a chance to wreck, get their vehicles out of impound?

And, if these folks are driving around with suspended licenses, how do they still manage to keep their tags and license plates updated in order to avoid getting pulled over?
Or are certain friends or relatives allowing them to borrow THEIR cars and such?
(...and why would anyone in their right mind trust someone with such an awful track record?)

I must say, a lot of these repeat drunk-drivers must be loaded
---financially-speaking that is (although "loaded" in other ways as well, obviously).
What I mean is that alcoholic beverages are a bit pricey---if one stops for a moment to really think about it.
And the legal fees, and time spent in jail and/or prison---that can't exactly be too financially-enhancing either you know. where are these people getting all the money from?
Who, in this economy and current job market, would be hiring hedonistic ex-cons (or those with substantial "criminal records") with obvious substance-abuse issues and a severely limited sense of accountability?
Is there some kind of "secret organization" subsidizing and supporting their fellow "party animals" or what?
..."The International Society Of The Eternally Wasted"?

Heaven forbid our oppressive laws should be infringing on anyone's Constitutional right to own and operate their own motor vehicles simply on account of a few measly flaws in their character.

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