Sunday, June 24, 2012

If you REALLY want things to last...

Take your brand new pair of shoes, for example...
You want them to remain nice-looking, slick and clean, soles and heels unworn and intact?
...Then never, ever, wear them or walk around outside with them on your feet.

Remember...actually using things for whatever they were "designed to be used for" is what invariably does them in.
Consumer products were not created to ever seriously be actually used.  They're usually simply "status symbols" or mantel pieces intended to transform one's residence into some sort of "personal museum" of sorts.

It's true...

Like your microwave oven...
If you're constantly heating up food and drinks in it, lo-and-behold, one day:  It craps out on you!  And then you have to replace it.
...However, if you never use it---you just let it sit on the counter and simply "marvel at how handsome it looks in your kitchen", never touching it except to occasionally dust it off---it'll STILL work, even 20 years down the line, should anyone decide they want to heat a cup of coffee or cook a TV dinner in it (just this one time, of course).

And that car of yours...
It's purely "status symbol".
Should you ever get the idea of actually using it for transportation, you should know that, by doing so, you run a potential risk of wrecking it.  And, if you were to somehow get into the habit of constantly using it for the purpose of transporting yourself (or even others along with you) from one place to another, you would find bits and pieces of it either wearing out from overuse---or even getting damaged by environmental elements you run into en-route from one point to another.
Hence, you just want to leave it in the driveway and simply keep it cleaned and polished---after all, most vehicles are "for show" anyway.  If you don't believe me, think about how many perform when called upon to actually transport their operators from "point A" to "point B".

And what about the computer you're presently viewing this site on?
Don't you know the only way to make a computer last is to rarely turn it on
...and, even then, any time you do, never do anything with it beyond playing solitaire or downloading music files from your own CD collection
...forget ever hooking it up to the internet and "going online".  Most web sites have so much "clutter" on them (via ads, videos, and links) they'll invariably strain the search engine into oblivion
...not to mention that, on top of this, there's also the potential for possible exposure to computer viruses which could program your computer to "destroy it's inner-workings"...if your computer gets "cyber-scammed" into committing "cyber-suicide" it'll just become a useless pile of plastic and circuit panels.
So...if you want your computer to last years...just never use it...except, maybe, once-in-a-blue-moon...

It makes you wonder...why do some things even exist if all they're going to do is fall apart or break down when you call upon them to do anything?

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