Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Drug Uncultured

One thing I have to be proud of---or, maybe grateful for at least ...I've never gotten myself involved with drugs at any point in my life (not overtly so anyway). Granted, there have been sporadic occasions in which I "shared  a joint" with someone---either while I was in the Navy, or during periods when I was still hitchhiking around the country---where the other person offered me a few "tokes" and, to be sociable, I obliged. But, otherwise, I myself never desired to "do" it nor would I ever wish to waste any of my own money on what I consider to be a somewhat useless rite-of-passage in terms of "civil defiance". Not to mention I've never been much "impressed" by the stuff anyway---I seemed to experience a sore throat and grogginess from it rather than the euphoric "high" the stuff is reputed for providing.

I've also witnessed first-hand other people's cocaine and crack addictions, which are guaranteed "turn-offs" in terms of my ever being influenced into adapting similar behaviors and desires myself. Between having to meet contemptiously cocky crack dealers to seeing someone so fucked-up they didn't even know what time of day it was, that was enough surrealism for me.

Although I am addicted to caffeine (bonafide coffee drinker) and dabble a little in beer and wine, I'm otherwise pretty "clean" in terms of "illicit substances". And not just because the modern-day "prohibition" is still on, either---I just don't desire to "do drugs". Can't see any good reason to. I think between the "American diet" and pollution there are enough adversarial elements working against us as it is without adding still another one to the list.

And then there's the expense of such habits. Being that they are still "black market" products you're sure to pay-an-arm-and-a-leg for just a few moments of ephemeral pleasure. And then what? What a waste of money that is: I don't understand how people can afford that crap, really.

And could I ever stand adding to the "paranoia factor", seeing that a person like me already experiences discrimination for "being a pariah" as it is? Why should I subject myself to strict laws with draconian penalties so unnecessarily---just to experience momentary "cheap thrills", and at such high costs at that?

I'm already a strange enough person as it is, all by myself. That's already enough for me to deal with in this conformity-obsessed world. No drugs for me---but I'll always have a second or third cup of coffee after a few hours sleep.

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