Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two types of "convicted criminals"

What is "required" for getting arrested and consequently convicted of a violation of any written law?  A most logical answer would be simply to pick the "wrong time and place" to behave or act in a way which puts one at odds with a currently still-active written law.
Which brings me to my next point:  As we all know, one's personality and character is not necessarily among the determining factors as to whether or not one "broke the law" in a given situation.  Even though once one DOES have a "criminal record" of any sort---even of a misdemeanor---they can find themselves subject to all kinds of discrimination and judgmentalisms.

So, to disband all popular stereotypes and myopic perceptions regarding those with "police records" ...which prove, among other things, said individuals obviously haven't always led "perfect lives" throughout the entirety of their earthly existence and also may have assorted critical character flaws as well---I'll present what I consider to be the two main types of "convicted criminals":

                                                                         CAREER CRIMINAL
This is the type of individual with no sense of moral consciousness.  All he cares about is just his own desires and about manipulating others for personal gain.  Any time he can "get one up on" someone it's a "personal victory" of sorts.  Said type of individual feels like he is "above" any rules, regulatons, and moral and civic responsibility.  Any time he finds himself in trouble with the "system" he never blames himself---he merely condemns the laws for being too oppressive, or even of being written to "persecute people".  Any time he can he'll operate "under the radar" and "deal from under the table", even in the absence of any plausible reasons for resorting to such methods.
One could say that this person pretty much leads "a life of crime".
(Examples of CAREER CRIMINALS: Drug dealers; Gangsters; Serial killers; Scam artists)

                                                                     "CRIMINAL" BY LETTER
This is someone who's just your "average Joe, Jane, Dick, and Mary" ...but, due to:  making a bad judgment; giving in to a temptation; a moment of self-undiscipline; allowing themselves to be misled or manipulated by an influential but unscrupulous individual; being overwhelmed by a precarious situation or circumstance; being victimized by an act---or acts---of conspiracy they find themselves technically in violation of one or more written laws.  It could be, for example:  someone antagonizes or menaces them---and when they've finally "had enough" they might attack this menacing person, thus putting themselves in violation of laws against "assault";  or they may make a statement or a sardonic quip of such a nature as to also be able to be interpreted as a "threat" under the law in find themselves "in hot water" over that; or they may be in a hurry and, in a moment of inattention, run a red light and cause a wreck---for which they may find themselves charged with felony "manslaughter" in the event someone dies as a result of their moment of recklessness; or they may have "a moment of deviancy": attempted shoplifting, or soliciting a prostitute---they "had to have" some item they couldn't afford at the time instead of being patient enough to save for it.  Or they couldn't find a date and they had strong urges they "had to satisfy---typical human frailty; or, maybe, they're not guilty of ANYTHING---but either someone who feels a sense of animosity towards them set them up somehow---or "wrong place, wrong time" and convicted by "circumstantial evidence".
However, these types of individuals are not the kind who can be considered as among those who would ever "lead a 'life-of-crime'"---at least not willingly anyway.  They don't have that kind of character, and any crimes they've ever been convicted of reflect either some kind of carelessness or a moment of human frailty.  But they DO have a sense of right-and-wrong and don't normally resort to "lawless" activities.  Most of their crimes are either singular or sporadic and more "technical violations" than a reflection of any kind of "sordid character".
(Examples of "CRIMINAL" BY LETTER:  Infrequent drunk driver---except for, maybe, one with a drinking problem; disorderly conduct; criminal trespassing; just about ANY kind of "circumstantial" offender who just gets caught up in what should have been a "fleeting moment".)

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