Thursday, September 15, 2011

Self-titled Beatles album

One thing I've never been able to get:
The Beatles' 1968 self-titled album: THE BEATLES
...why is it called "the double white album"?
For starters, it's an album---a single album. Just one which happens to be a 2-record-set (later a 2-disc-set when released on CD).
And the title of the album is THE BEATLES---which also happens to be the name of the group as well. And back in December 1968, when radio stations were playing "select" tracks from it, every disc jockey I remember hearing at the time always mentioned this album by it's proper title: "THE BEATLES".
And the it's only the cover that's white. It was deliberately designed that way so as to be a "plain wrapper" type of package. However, the records themselves were the usual black vinyl. And the APPLE label in the middle was green-and-black on one side and white-and-black on the other.
So...from now on let's get it right, people---okay? 

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