Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just Leave A Message

Unlike most people I don't own a cellphone---never have, and probably never will.  I really have no need for one, acually.  It's not like I have a "social life" of any kind.  My calls in and out are so sporadic it wouldn't be worth what they charge for services and such.
Yes, I'm still getting by strictly on landline service to this day.
I do, however, have an answering machine:  that's when someone calls when you're not at home and a recorded message comes on and instructs the caller to "leave their name, number, and message" after a tone which audibly lets itself be known immediately following the recorded message.
Strangely enough, some people seem confused by this concept.  They either: don't stay on the line; or they don't say anything---they just breathe into the mouthpiece then hang up; or they start repeating "Hello! Hello!" (Uummm---you called me, remember?).  Or it's some damn telephone solicitor or pre-recorded advertisement.
         Now, frankly, I think I make my intentions quite obvious in my recorded messages:
                          "Please leave your name, number, and message at the sound of the tone."
                                   Does that seem like such a hard directive to follow?
                                                   Apparently for some folks it is.

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