Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Don't Understand It...

We're supposed to be in such an economic crisis---with an incorrigible debt level, record high unemployment, business and home foreclosures in record numbers

---and yet:
where I live I constantly see people running about, driving around everywhere or biking all over the place. And always eating out and attending concerts, movies, and live theatre performances. Not to mention fairs and festivals galore.

One question: Where do these people get all the money for: gas; concert tickets; to afford meal tickets on a nearly daily basis; to engage in all that "bar-hopping" on such a regular basis?

You would think in a REAL "economic crisis" people would be wearing rags (and not just because they're currently "in style") and holding off on frivolities and behave more "sparingly" and "miserly" when it comes to money matters.

Or, maybe---who ARE these people, that they can afford to be so lavish during a period like this?

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