Sunday, September 25, 2011

More musings

People who bring a basket of dirty clothes to the laudromat. They pay to wash and dry them. Then they put their clean clothes back in the same basket when they leave.

Police investigators who, when examining a fatal vehicle accident, proclaim the victims "were all wearing seat belts and shoulder harnesses---and the air bags appear to have been deployed..."
Well, gee, if everyone did everything they were supposed to why did they still die? You don't suppose because in the cases of, say, high-speed rollovers, plunges off of 2,000-foot cliffs and the like, that such type of crashes might possibly create impacts so intense they could even bend iron. (Like, no-one could survive, no matter what.)

It's no trade secret people are conspiring. They love "fucking with each other". Slandering, sabotaging others' lives, and other such malicousnesses. But...what's the benefit of all this type of activity? Has it ever yet improved the quality-of-life for anyone? Yet people still continue to do it.

The way society likes to preach about "safety" a culture of bad design, poor construction, shoddy materials, negligence in maintaining facilities, ignoring regulations ...but, yes, safety is still OUR responsibility. Of course most people have advanced degrees in engineering, architectural design, and know construction methods in-and-out---so I guess it makes sense all things should be "up-to-us"...

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