Friday, September 2, 2011

On-line literacy

I'm constantly noticing, on a lot of occasions, the number of on-line posts in which people display both limited vocabulary as well as critical spelling errors:

                                          I'll be focusing on the spelling errors:

                                     Take the three words: there   they're    their
The word "there" denotes location:  "You left your shoes over there, in the corner"
The word "they're" is an abbreviation for "they are":  "They said they're coming by at noon"
The word "their" denotes possession of:  "This isn't my car actually---mine is in the shop.  My parents loaned me their car for today until I get mine back".
                                     Take the words:   no    know
The word "no" means either "there are none" or "it's forbidden"
The word "know" denotes an exclamation of one's personal knowledge: "I know what you're talking about"
                                     Take the words:   you're    your
The word "you're" is an abbreviation for "you are":  "I see you're getting ready to leave"
The word "your" denotes personal possession:   "I see you brought your laptop with you to the coffee shop".
                                     Take the words:    soul     sole
The word "soul" denotes either your spirit or your deeper inner self
The word "sole" denotes either the bottom of your feet or of your shoes. Also means singular (the only one)

...those are three prime examples of the kind of "spelling confusions" I run across frequently when perusing commentary posts, Facebook threads, and sometimes even other blog sites and internet sites as well.

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