Saturday, September 10, 2011

Madison Avenue...

...who obviously owns the Internet...
...and has unlimited license to smear as many of their charlatanical advertisements across as wide an area of any given web page of any given web site as they wish in their attempts to fleece as many of us impressionable potential consumers as they can... you think it might be possible to at least load up only "still-life" billboard-style ad blocks on those pages---and (please!) do away with the videos and animated advertisement panels?

It's not enough they lock up my computer for a good 3 or 4 minutes EVERY DAMN TIME I go onto a web page to---for example---read a certain news article ...but that constant motion in the corner of my eye (when I finally AM able to finally scroll down to the main article itself) is extremely distracting---much like trying to read a book or a newspaper with a flashing light going off in your face non-stop. It gets so bad that oftentimes I can't even finish reading the article---I just return to my homepage.
Is all that really necessary just to attempt reaching "potential consumers"?

I may be weird, but I believe if I go onto a web page it should be possible for me to either view it or even watch video files or listen to audio files.

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