Friday, September 2, 2011


Welcome to my blog site THE SILENT FORUM ... which I express my own opinions and viewpoints on various subject matters ...
...which can range from social commentary to pop culture---or just about anything else I fancy writing about at the time.
The idea behind this blog is to convey a "third-party" viewpoint on things ...from the perspective of the observer, the one who's not actively involved in whatever's going on around him---but who is still affected by it just the same.

The blog's title, THE SILENT FORUM, conveys the idea of one speaking to a group of people when it's his turn to speak
...but no-one in the room pays attention to anything he has to say.

                                            Note: Everything stated in this blog site are strictly my own viewpoints and opinions
                                            ---therefore I assume full responsibility for all contents contained in this site

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