Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's not like I never get lonely and might desire the company of someone else from time-to-time. However, my luck with people, in general, has always been---less-than-positive (for lack of a better term).

Somehow, for some reason, most people can't look at me as just being a "fellow human", on an equal footing with them. They tend to be domineering and bossy---or condescending and arrogant---or, mostly, just plain out incriminating toward me. 

The way I figure it, if that's what I have to put up with when others are around me I'd just as soon not have anyone entering into my personal realm if all they can do is critique me for the purpose of either derisive judgmentalism or to somehow "correct" or reform me. If I can't just merely co-exist in my own right the same way others are allowed to do so, then I'll do my "living" below the collective radar---like someone who'd "have something to hide". Even at the risk of looking "suspicious".

If I was still on probation---or if I was to ever get on parole, or was suspected of committing some heinous crime, then maybe I'd understand this phenomenon---but this is something that's been ongoing for years now ...decades, actually.

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