Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Unwilling Consumer

What is there about me that the things I own don't seem to last very long?
Shirts last about 2 or 3 years; jeans about 3 years before they start getting frayed; DVD players about 2 to 4 years; a pair of shoes I received as a birthday present---worth about $85---soles almost worn away in less than a year's time; smoke alarms crap out after about 5 years of service; I go through a bottle of shampoo in less than a month's time; 2 or 3 bottles of hand sanitizer in a month's time; likewise hand soap as well.

You don't suppose I'm doing something wrong, do you?  Like, maybe, taking too seriously the notion that the reason certain items exist is to be used for some "designated purpose": like, shoes are made to actually be worn on the feet for the purpose of enabling one to walk around outside; or that hand soap and hand sanitizer has to be physically applied to the hands in order to be useful---resulting in contents getting used-up; or that pants, shirts, and socks have to be worn on one's physical body which is consistently mobile and perspiring resulting in the necessity for laundering, which further erodes the fibers in addition to the wear-and-tear incurred by covering a constantly-in-motion physical body; or that DVD players are pretty useless unless one plays either a videodisc or an audiodisc on them---resulting in either eventual motor or laser burn-out.

Like I said---I take too literally the notion that the things I buy actually should be used for something.
I shouldn't be so naive and clueless in that manner, you know.  I should've finally figured out by now that most things on the market are, essentially, "mantel pieces"---all "for show", just to either "make an impression" or "decorate one's living environment".
Of course if you try to actually USE any of those items it's going to erode itself away in a short period's time.  Like, if you keep turning the sink on and off constantly, the faucet handle's bound to fall off sooner or later.  You're never supposed to actually USE anything---the purpose of "living somewhere" is to just sit around and "marvel at what all you own".

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