Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Additional Adages and More Musings

I must be using the wrong materials, the wrong tools, or maybe I'm just hanging out with the wrong crowd
but somehow I don't get the cooperation I need and my efforts don't yield the desired results.

I don't understand "normal" people.
They always behave so predatory
yet whenever I approach them they act so frightened and back off like they're expecting me to pull-a-knife on them or something.

Why do people talk so loud in public?
Like, I'm not interested in your personal crap, okay?
Go home and keep it all among yourselves.
What ever happened to "Family business is OUR business!" anyway...

Independent self-expression...
Because God didn't give you a brain just so you could learn how to "agree with everyone else"
...it was so you'd have the aptitude for independent thought:
...even if it means thinking "wrong thoughts" ...or expressing "wrong viewpoints" ...or expressing "wrong opinions".

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