Thursday, January 19, 2012


I think I've mentioned before in one of my previous posts how I'm losing my enthusiasm for the internet.

How anymore it seems to be filled with a plethora of "catch-phrase" style terms and stereotypical imagerisms:
"liberals"; "conservatives"; "democrats"; "republicans"; "GLBT"; "sex offenders"; "trickle-down"; "occupy"; "talking heads"; "emos"; "women drivers"; "going green"; "global warming"; "social class warfare"; "the corporate elite"; "religious right"; "left-wing"; "right-wing"; "the 1-percent"; "the 99-percent"; "the homeless"; "celebrities"; "unemployment statistics"; "the economy"; "the recession" ...
...and the list goes on and on and on---endlessly.

I'm disappointed... would've thought with the internet and it's "window-to-the-world" aspect the result would be the potential for more enlightenment as people would come across more individuals with their wide array of personal interests and viewpoints...
...instead I'm seeing a further re-establishment and reiteration of the-same-old stereotypes and prejudices.

People still try to "fit in" with select demographics and social/political factions instead of using a golden opportunity to develop and expand their in-born individualism.

Why bother with expensive computers and internet services if the results are not going to be all that much different than what you run into in the real world itself anyway?

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