Friday, January 6, 2012

These Shoes Are Made For Walking...

What's with all these "fashion-obsessed" women and their fanatical fixation with shoes?

It's not unusual to hear about one of them personally owning 300 or more pair.

Why not pants, or shirts, or skirts?

You have to forgive me, but I've always thought of shoes as simply being a necessary piece of footwear that protects one's feet from some of the atrocities of public walkways (like...broken feces...other sharp objects...)
Something you put on your feet as part of one's wardrobe.

Of course I'm just a simple-minded type anyway.
...and, given what a freak and odd-ball I've always been, I could never be expected to understand the sane, rational, and mentally-stable mindset of you perfect "normal" type folks anyway.

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