Thursday, January 19, 2012

Celebrity birthdays...

By a stroke of luck I happened to run across a few celebrity birthdays (or, rather, birthdates) in the comics section of today's local paper.
No-one stole the section for the stupid "crosswords"---GOOD!  I wish they'd put those damn crosswords in some other section besides the comics.  Half the time when I go into a restaurant where they still have a "house paper" the comics section's always missing.  My favorite part of any newspaper (well maybe not THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. But that's because they don't have a "comic section").

Anyway, here are today's birthdates of a few "well-known" type individuals:
...Jean Stapleton---89-years-old today. In the sitcom ALL IN THE FAMILY Edith died during the 3rd (or 4th) season, leaving Archie a widower. In real life, though, "Edith" ended up outliving "Archie".
...Phil Everly---73-years-old today.  Congratulations, Phil---for being among those early-rock n'rollers who "are-still-around".
...Dolly Parton---66-years-old today. "Jill-of-all-trades": singer; songwriter; actress; variety-show host; entrepreneur (and a successful one at that.)

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