Sunday, January 15, 2012

Killing dreams...

Today is the birthdate of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
The "dream" began this date in 1929 and ended 39 years and 3 months later on April 4 1968.

I don't know what to think about all these assassinations.
The whole concept seems so "communistic".

That someone assumes the liberty to end another person's life single-handedly because they don't like the way that other person dresses, or because that other person looks "weird", or because that other person says things they don't agree with:
"I don't like the way you talked to my friend just now---therefore you're not fit to go on living. So I decided I'll just shoot you in the head and end your whole life right here and now!"

One man autocracy...
...and done by one born and raised in a country that professes "freedom of speech"; "freedom of thought"; "freedom of movement"; "freedom of lifestyle".

"You look 'funny' and act weird. Therefore I think I'll just beat the crap out of you just for fun."
..."liberty" and "rights" are the monopolies of just them and whoever they happen to favor.
If they find you "offensive" it's their right to terrorize you---or even end your life right then-and-there.

Sometimes it's not "government" who's the problem
...sometimes it's the individual private citizen.

We don't have any "occupy" movements protesting any private citizens who take "bonus" rights and privileges at the expense of other private citizens.
...nor do we have any "protests" against those who assume "command" over others the way they had all those "anti-war" protests in the past.

But it IS intriguing:  you say or do something that offends ONE person and it's an instant "death penalty"...someone actually has the right to end your whole life right then-and-there.


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