Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekly Specials

Every week stores have their "specials" in which those who have their "loyalty cards" get $5 off a select product---or, maybe, they can get 10 items for $10 ...or what-have-you.

Which doesn't mean much to me, personally, because I usually buy the same items and the same brands of certain items every time I go shopping anyway.

However, if I see an-item-I-normally-buy-anyway advertised as one of the "weekly specials" I think to myself:  That's cool.  10 items for $10.  And it's something I buy all the time anyway.

However, the notion that one stands to "save a little money" on the same item this time around is essentially a theoretical one.  That is, one which should hold water from a logical point of view.

But the reality is a different story altogether.
For the next time I go to the store, lo-and-behold---my item is completely sold out!

Yes, folks.  Most people are both seduced and cajoled by the concept of the money-saving "weekly specials".
Anything that's $5 off or 10-for-$10 is what they'll gravitate toward.
Even if it's something they don't ordinarily buy, they'll still "stock up" on it while it's still on special.
"I usually never buy this stuff, but since it's '10-for-$10' let's go for it---in case we might need it sometime up the road. Hey, we're saving money this way."

"Saving money"(????).
If one wants to save money, then don't buy anything at all---save a bundle that way.
Like the legendary Will Rogers once said:
"If you really want to double your money, take each dollar bill you have, fold it in half, then put it back in your pocket."

As for me:
Sometimes I'd rather the "regular" items I buy not be on "special" even though it means paying full cost for them---simply because it means at least they're most likely to be available.  Availability is more important than having an extra $7 in my pocket.

However, sometimes I DO luck out and there are enough of the items I"m after that are also "on special" that week
...in which case:  More power to me!

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