Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Disgruntled Wall Street Employees

                             Did you see the Jan. 10th Huffington Post article: 

I tell you, if I was a highly paid "wall street" executive I'd just keep quiet and try to stay under-the-radar given the current social climate and collective attitudes towards the typical over-paid corporate crony professional types these days.

And, being single, I might just figure that, all things considered, I'm more-than-doing-quite-well by most any standards.

In fact, I'd even go so far as to move overseas to live out the rest of my life---AND change my identity to boot, so none but a select few would even know who I was.
I'd be trying to live as private a life as I could if possible.

The last thing on my mind would be to put on such ostentatious public displays of protesting "having to settle for shrimp every night instead of the sirloin steak I've gotten so used to over the years." ...or of "having to settle for a LEXUS after having owned PORSCHES for so many years."

I'd figure what I have is still SOMETHING and just run with that. And just tend to myself and my own affairs and try to have myself a decent private life.

Apparently these educated corporate professional types never took any classes in philosophy or any of the other subject matters dealing with wisdom and the art of making sound judgments.
How else can one explain their obvious inaptitude for discretion and common sense?

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