Monday, January 16, 2012

Gentrify Me!

There are reasons for all the bad blood between the "average" person and those considered to be among the "elitists".
For one thing, the way this society has morphed from one which used to celebrate the "average Joe and Jane" to one primarily focused on the upper-middle-class and most-prosperous.

Take a look at commercials and advertisements from the 1950s,1960s, and 1970s.
...Then compare those to the current-day commercials and advertisements.

Everything these days is about way-overpriced trendy fashion clothes, fancy high-tech gadgets, fancy nightclubs, live concert venues, fancy elitist specialty restaurants with high price tags...
...nothing related to a modest middle-of-the-road day-to-day living experience.

Everything is so flashy and extremist anymore.

And it's all geared primarily to the well-off overprivileged who can afford to focus on frivolities and excesses, who don't have to worry about the necessity of "being careful with one's finances" since they're the kind who've never been "in want of anything".

One might think:  It's their money. They've earned it. It's their business what they do with it.

However, we're not talking about those who've earned their wealth through hard work or by having "special talents";
we're talking about mostly "torch-bearers", the offspring of prosperous parents whose money paid for their trip through medical school, or business school, or even law school.
These are the kids who, when they wreck their brand-new BMW, never fret the consequences---for their parents simply but them another BMW and also take care of the higher insurance rates.

It's not enough that such types have taken command of American society---they've also infiltrated the social and cultural climate as well...
...and with that came overhauls in the physical make-up of this society as well.

Once upon a time there were corner sandwich shops, local and regional drug store chains, full-service restaurants which offered medium-price full meals most anyone could afford.
There were plenty of specialty stores: hardware stores; stereo and appliance stores which specialized in home electronics from TVs to vacuum cleaners; dime stores; toy stores which sold nothing but toys; local and regional department stores; record stores; book stores.

But they're long-gone...
...replaced by elitist-type fancy specialty-coffee shops; illustriously grandiose bar-and-grill establishments with prices to match; "high-class" commercial modern-art museum-stores; specialty night-club/bars; specialty ice cream parlors...
...and condominiums and apartment buildings with top-dollar units whose monthly rent is in the four-digit range.

So, with everything these days catering to the most-fortunate where do the rest of us go?

I mean, even the local free publications are all about suburbanites and fancy nightclubs and the varieties of fancy drinks they serve...
...but these days all these haughty overprivileged are infiltrating the bulk of the city limits as well---displacing both the "disadvantaged" and the middle-brow sectors.

And that's what ires so many of us...
not only the way so many of our liberties have been hijacked by these domineering snobs, but also the way our former physical domain has likewised also been hijacked by factions and demographics who could easily afford to build their own designated domains.

You see, we'd like to try to "blend in" if we could...
...but some of us just simply can't afford to pay $40-a-meal-plus-beverage when eating out.

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