Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Have you ever noticed that when a person is secretive and reclusive everyone automatically assumes one of two things:
Either this person must have something to protect that's of great value---or, maybe, they have something to hide. Some hideous dark secret. A sordid past or reputation.

It never occurs to anyone that said person might simply value their own privacy.

You know, the right to live one's own life as they see fit, to pursue one's own interests and take care of one's own needs in a matter best suited for one's own self, carried out in one's own style and fashion.
Without interference from others, who would be constantly "correcting" this person and pushing their "advice" on him because his way of doing things don't match the way THEY would do things.
And, people being the despotic power-and-control junkies they are, their way would always be "the only right way to do things".  So there'd always be fights, arguments, conflicts, insults, and maybe assaults as well.

The right to live freely, to be an individual, to be your own person.

Maybe THAT'S why some people keep to themselves so much.

Maybe that's what they're "hiding".
They're simply living-their-own-life
...but, in order to ensure the right to do so unobstructed, they have to do so "on the sly".

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