Friday, January 6, 2012

more musings

The situation is beyond ridiculous.
You look around waiting for the punch line.
Everyone keeps on acting normal like "nothing's up".
You keep waiting---
---everyone looks back at you strangely.
Finally you can't stand the suspense any longer---
---"Look, I know you're not serious. Just tell me the punch line. I'm busy and I have things to do and can't just keep hanging around wasting time."
They just look at you perplexed---
---Then it hits you...
..."These people are NOT joking, are they? They really mean what they do and say!"

Why is it, every time I log on to my blog site, this grey panel comes up asking me if I want Internet Explorer to "remember my password"?
And I always tell them "Yes".
...but it never does...
...because every time I log on that grey panel comes up AGAIN---and AGAIN---and AGAIN...
...Look, if Windows 7 can't remember the damn password, then quit bugging me with that stupid question already, alright?

You know how cats, when using their litterboxes, walk around in their own shit when they've finished---then roam around afterwards, jumping up on everything?
...People are like cats. They're always walking around in their own shit. Then they take off, bringing their shit with them in public---and getting it on everything and everyone they make contact with.

You know, the concepts of liberty and justice are such futile ones as they usually get hijacked  and handed over to the favored and overprivileged as "gifts" anyway.
As the saying goes:   Favors are reserved for friends, prospective lovers, and demanding relatives who need appeasing.

I remember a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE skit starring Eddie Murphy as Stevie Wonder and Joe Piscapo as Frank Sinatra.
In this particular sketch they were dueting on the song EBONY AND IVORY.
When Sinatra mentions that he "doesn't get" the song Stevie tries to explain how it's an anthem about racial harmony... which Frankie exclaims "All I know is IVORY is 'a soap that floats' and EBONY is a magazine no-one ever reads."
Which gets me to thinking:
Is this blog site the same way?:
THE SILENT FORUM---"the blog site no-one ever reads"
One problem? It uses too many late-20th-century American English words.
No-one ever uses words like those anymore, you know.
Nowadays it's all baby-talk and current vernacular as rag-tag as the dress codes of the people themselves who use it.

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