Saturday, January 14, 2012

Replacing the gas lines...

I just got notice in the mail recently that Columbia Gas is fixing to replace all the old underground pipes in the neighborhood I reside in.
Which, I'm sure among other things, involve periods of interruption-of-service...i.e.: no hot water for showering or washing dishes; can't run the furnace to keep the place warm---and the like.

I must say, they sure picked a good time-of-the-year for a project of this nature.
I mean, sure, Columbus Ohio may be blessed with normally mild subtropical weather, but even WE get that occasional "cold front" from time-to-time.
At it's at times like those when one might need to kick on their furnaces to, sort of, "warm the place up" a bit.

Another matter---Do they have a crew on hand whose job it is is to relight residential pilot lights, especially rental properties owned by absentee landlords/landladies?
...or are the tenants to persistently badger their landlords/landladies to make daily trips from their kosher suburbs into the greasy/slimy "urban-decay oasis" to actually "tend to property they also own as well as their elitist ranch houses"?

These next few weeks ought to be quite interesting.
...and I don't mean that in a positive way either...

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