Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Socialized Medicine

Yes, I'm a believer in the concept of socialized medicine (in it's purest form, mind you).
Not because I necessarily wish to align myself with any "liberal" factions or anything like that...
...but because I think it's a practical concept.

Picture, if you will, you're driving along and you go through an intersection and the light's green
---and, lo and behold, some ass-hole running-a-red at high speed smashes into you, putting you in the hospital.
...and, on top of that, it comes to light this guy was on meth at the time as well.

And, following a prolonged hospitalization, you know you'll probably get a huge bill, right?
Now...does this seem fair?
You did nothing wrong, but now you're to be penalized for someone else's mistake?

This is but one good argument for the concept of socialized medicine.

And, if not socialized medicine, at least bill the meth-head dumbass who caused all this hardship in the first place instead.

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