Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FAR SIDE cartoonist actually pretty down-to-earth and realistic

One of my favorite comic strips of all time would have to be THE FAR SIDE.

The combination of surrealism, dry-and-wry humor, and the metaphorical parody of certain aspects of real-life situations work to hit the right "nerves" of one's psyche so as to produce both comic effect and a kind of enlightenment simultaneously.

I guess if all of the FAR SIDE strips were available on-line I'd probably download them onto the DOCUMENTS file of my computer.

However Gary Larson---the strips' creator/cartoonist---has repeatedly warned that he would sue for Copyright Infringment anyone who reproduces his works without his permission without financial compensation for use of his creations.

As you can guess a few folks in "cyberland" have slammed Larson for being "greedy" and such...
(...like, how can someone who's "cool" enough to come up with such witty stuff be so "stuffy" and "uptight"?)

...a contention I, myself, consider a bit slanderous.

I beg those of you who would criticize or condemn Mr. Larson to think about the things they cherish---especially if it's something they came up with themselves...
...would you allow just anybody to freely access themselves to that which you hold near-and-dear to you to do-whatever-they-like with them?
...Or would you be inclined to "guard" and "protect" these items which you consider "sacred" and "intimate".
...Pride? ...or "self-preservation"?

So what's wrong with Mr. Larson's efforts to protect what's rightfully his?
...To see to it they're not subject to misuse or exploitation?
...Or to use, to his advantage, one of the few laws written to actually PROTECT an individual right---as opposed to so many laws that are written with either social-class factionalism in mind or just to merely appease popular social prejudices?

This individual, who grew up during a period of time when the concepts of protocol, boundaries, and proprietism were taken more seriously and literally than they are now, and who, thus, has a lingering "old-school" mindset concerning such matters...
...all he's asking is to respect HIS boundaries.

...And for this he's a "greedy ass-hole".

...Well, I think those who think such things are narcississtic myopic "high-tech and remote-control junkies" who probably just sit around on their lazy asses living on pizza, beer, pot, and cocaine...
...and are a little too used to "things coming to them too easily at the push of a button".
...Hence any time they may be expected to find something on their own one can expect them to get a bit irritated at being asked to perform such formidable tasks.

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